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Site security analysis

The service connected with site analysis in terms of presence of a malicious code, with subsequent recommendations on its elimination.

If any scripts of your site include a malicious code, or you want to check your site in terms of its vulnerabilities, you can use the service of site analysis performed by our security experts. KOMTET employees will analyze your site's scripts and provide a detailed report on the works done, with recommendations regarding elimination of the malicious code and prevention of repeated infection.

Users of the service site maintenance can get this service for free.

How does it work?

  1. An owner of a site in our hosting or a person placing his/her site in another company may apply to the Technical Support and order the service "Site Security Analysis" in terms of presence of any malicious code or vulnerabilities;
  2. Our expert will prepare a technical assignment of works related to site analysis, which can include the following items:
    a) determination of the site's framework version for the purpose of subsequent determination of possible vulnerabilities;
    b) comparison of current versions of the site's framework extensions with modern versions of such extensions;
    c) analysis of operation of the site's pattern;
    d) check of site's scripts in terms of presence of a widespread malicious code;
    e) preparation of a detailed report on the performed analysis;
    f) development of recommendations on elimination of the malicious code from the site and prevention of the site's repeated infection with the malicious code.
  3. Our expert will determine the time needed to audit security of your site, as well as the data and the time of the works. 
    The duration (execution time) of the works depends primarily on the site's framework (for example, "self-written" or based on popular CMS), its size and structure, as well as the nature and the extent of the site's infection.
    The time needed for the work depends on our experts' load, but usually takes 1-2 working days. The time needed to analyze the security of a simple site usually makes up 1-2 working hours.
  4. If the site's owner agrees with the technical assignment and the time allocated for it, he/she should order the service "additional works", indicating the number of hours assessed by the expert.
    Please, note that upon agreement on the technical assignment, it may not be changed. Any new changes or suggestions as to the technical assignment made by the site's owner will be considered as a separate service "additional works";
  5. Upon payment for the service, the expert will start fulfilling its technical assignment.  A grace period for payment is available for our hosting's regular Customers.
  6. Upon completion of the works under the technical assignment, the expert will send to the site's owner a detailed report containing analysis of the site's scripts in terms of presence of known vulnerabilities and a malicious code, as well as recommendations on elimination of the malicious code and prevention of repeated site's infection with such a malicious code.

On the basis of the above report on the degree of the site's infection, as well as on the basis of the recommendations on elimination and prevention of repeated site's infection with such a malicious code, you will be able to eliminate the malicious code from the site and prevent its subsequent infection either yourself or through a specialized company or ordering the service "Additional Works" in our company.

Report examples

It is also worth noting that the article "Your actions if your site has been hacked" remains acute, and you can always use it to eliminate vulnerabilities on your website and prevent your site's infection.