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Additional works on the site/server

KOMTET offers its Customers to use the service "Additional Works", which provides for enhanced servicing of the site and the server.

Have you ever encountered problems connected with site setting and development?

Site security analysis is one of the most frequently faced tasks.
  • The module being installed does not operate or returns errors;
  • The script placed fails;
  • Installation of a pattern has led to failure of the site;
  • Etc.

Do you have any problems with server setting or software installation?

  • You need to install specialized server softaware on VPS;
  • You need to configure operation of the special softawre on VPS;
  • You have failed to determine the source of the error or the load;
  • Etc.

The service "Additional Works" allows KOMTET's customers to apply to our programmers and system administrators to solve the above and many other problems!

The service does not cancel obligations of the round-the-clock Technical Support of KOMTET hosting, but supplements and improves maintenance possibilities for our Customers. If any problems are connected with hosting operation or our services' settings - they will be solved by the Technical Support within maintenance services.

How does it work?

  • Describe the problem in the letter to the Support Service. The more details are given, the faster works will be done, and the cheaper the service is.
  • Our employees will tell you the number of working hours needed to solve the problem.
  • If you agree with the cost of the work, make the payment. You may supplement your request, specify the problem - this can reduce the time needed.
  • Upon receipt of the payment, our employees will tell you about the date of work completion, solve the problem and inform you of its successful solution. Please, do not perform any activities while the works are being performed.
  • If the problem is not solved or its solution is unsatisfactory for any reason, you will be refunded the paid sum. The changed data will be restored from a backup copy made at the beginning of the works.
  • Any clains connected wil the works done may be filed within 3 days from the moment of sending by our employees of a notice of work completion, subject that the Customer has not made any changes at the time or upon completion of the works. 

How much does it cost?

The amount of payment depends on the number of working hours spent. The minimum term makes up 1 hour.

One hour of the work costs 1000 rubles. The payment may be done in the Billing System. The users of the service "Site Maintenance" are provided a 20% discount for any Aditional Works on the serviced website.

The time deeded to perform the work is calculated by the employees, taking into account their experience in performance of similar works, and depends directly on complexity and scale of the task. We are not interested in over-estimation of the time and always give the most optimistic forecast about the time we need.

The works are done only within the problem. The completion time is determined depending on urgency and complexity, as well as on the load iof our hosting stuff, and is told to the Customer beforehand.

The service is provided only to the Customers of KOMTET hosting, and we do not perform works on third-party equipment.