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APS package development

KOMTET performs works connected with preparation, certification, publication and installation of APS packages.

KOMTET was issued a certificate of APS provider, which gives the right to develop, test, certify and publish APS packages.

The APS package preparation service is oriented to web service developers and hosting providers.

To a web service or software developer 

Having prepared an APS package, you can significantly increase the number of your Customers. The works include:

  • Preparation of an APS package;
  • Testing;
  • Certification;
  • Publication in the generally available catalogue apsstandard.org;
  • Installation;
  • Upgrading.

For developers and owners of cloud services, we prepare APS packages to be placed on softcloud.ru and similar Russian and foreign services.

To a hosting provider

For hosting providers using Parallels software on their servers, we offer preparation of localized versions of APS packages of various web applications and installation of APS packages on the hosting provider's servers.

An official contract will be concluded. If you have any questions regarding service provision, please, apply to the Marketing Department.