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Site maintenance

Aug 14, 2015
KOMTET hosting offers its Customers to use the service "Site Maintenance" connected with site servicing and monitoring. The service can be used with respect to a site located both on KOMTET hosting and on third-party equipment.

Order site maintenance

The service costs 2000 rubles per month. If the site is located on KOMTET hosting, a 20% doscount is provided. The service can be ordered in the personal account. The service can be connected for free for sites using popular CMS, including such CMS as 1C-Bitrix, UMI.CMS, CMS.Netcat and Amiro.CMS.

If you order the service of site development in KOMTET, you will get one month of free site maintenance for each ten hours of development. 
If you buy or extend a CMS lisence in KOMTET, you will get one month of free site maintenance for each 10000 rubles of the license price.

The service 'Site Maintenance" comprises:

  • site's connection to a monitoring system controlling the site's state and operation. If a failure occurs, a notice will be provided, and a report will be developed on restoration of the site's operability. Access to the monitoring system;
  • immediate measures on restoration of the site's operability in case of a failure (round-the-clock);
  • additional enhanced telephone consultations within the service;
  • option "Priority Servicing" for KOMTET hosting Customers;
  • sites' diagnostincs and analysis in terms of presence of a malicious code at least once a month;
  • free elimination of the malicious code and a 20% discount for works connected with updating of the site's scrips and elimination of vulnerabilities.
  • backup setting using the Customer's equipment. Additional space for backup copies on KOMTET equipment will be provided upon agreement with the Customer;
  • 1 hour of works within the service Additional works on the site/server per month, with no possibility to accumulate such hours. This hour can be spent for any works conneced with your site: addition and change of articles, correction of the site's design, installation and updating of modules (gallery, online store, blog, etc.);
  • monthly reports on the works done, with data on monitoring of the site's operability and analysis of the scripts' security.

Sites developed on template engines, various frameworks and self-developed CMS can be connected upon payment for at least 1 hour of works needed to analyze the site's operation.

Users of the service "Site Maintenance" are provided a 20% discount for any Additional Works related to the site being serviced.

KOMTET has played in the market of hosting services and web developments since 2008, and this is the best guarantee of high quality and confidentiality of the services provided.