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Server maintenance

Nov 10, 2015
KOMTET hosting offers its Customers to use the service "Server Maintenance" connected with remote servicing, administration and monitoring of virtual and dedicated servers. This service can be used both, for a server on our host and on third-party equipment.

The service costs 4500 rubles per month; KOMTET hosting Customers are provided a discount in the amount of 20%. Paying for the service, you hire a highly-professional system administrator, who will be available round-the clock, never falls ill and takes no leaves.

  • Connection of the site to our monitoring system, constant monitoring of the server's technical state and operability of the software running thereon by a system administrator of the round-the-clock technical support service of KOMTET hosting;
    • Apache, nginx web server;
    • Postfix mail server;
    • MySQL or PostgreSQL server with administration panel;
    • Zope or Django Python frameworks;
    • Monitoring tools: logrotate, Webalizer (or an existing analogue);
    • Spam protection tools: Spamassassin;
    • PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby;
    • BIND DNS server;
    • Russian version of ISPConfig control panel (if Apache is installed).
  • guarantee of the server security;
  • 5Gb to store copies on our equipment; the data are backed up in accordance with the Customer's schedule. Additional disk space can be bought at a price of 1 ruble for 1Gb a day;
  • 5 hours of work within the service Additional works on the server, with no possibility to accumulate these hours;
  • monthly report on the works done and the information on the site's monitoring.

Customers ordering the service "Server Maintenance" are provided a 20% discount for the service Additional Works on the Site/Server.