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CMS hosting tariff

CMS hosting tariff is optimized for demanding and popular websites with high interactivity level operating on commercial CMS: UMI.CMS, 1C-Bitrix, Amiro.CMS, CMS NetCat.

Comparison of tariff plans

Virtual hosting

Mail hosting

CMS hosting

Zope/Plone hosting

DNS hosting


CMS tariff

Number of CMS installations
Disk space (total)
Support of PHP5, PHP4
Number of databases (MySQLPostgreSQL) managed through PhpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin 5
1 assigned IP address
Selection of a common IP address
DNS management
Number of domain alias names 
Number of sites with the help of the CMS
Not limited
Number of subdomains
Not limited
Setup of the disk quota for domains
Additional 1GB
200 rubles/months for 1GB
SSH, full access Check


Additional parameters

Price per month, rubles

In case of paying for 1 month 360
In case of paying for 3 months or more (5% discount) 342
In case of paying for 6 months or more (20% discount) 324
In case of paying for 1 year (20% discount) 288

Price for the period, rubles


Purpose of the CMS tariff

The tariff is available only if you buy or extend a CMS license in KOMTET

The virtual CMS hosting tariff is optimized or operation of content management systems and is available if you buy a license for one of the following CMS in KOMTET:

The CMS is once installed and optimized for maximum performance for free.

The virtual hosting tariff is provided for free if you buy a license for a CMS. The term of free provision of the CMS virtual hosting service is indicated in the license description: from 1 month to 2 years. You will get a possibility to register  up to 5 domains in the .RU or the .РФ zones, as well as a month of free website maintenance for each 10000 rubles of the license price.

Othe possibilities of the CMS tariff plan

You can move from the CMS tariff to the virtual hosting tariff only upon expiration of the term included in the price of CMS licenses (if it is technically possible). You will have to pay for the tariff only upon expiration of the term included in the license price.