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Regisration and extension of domains

KOMTET is engaged in domain registration. If you have already registered a domain, you may transfer it for trust management, and we will assume the responsibility for its extension and DNS setup.

Domains are registered under contract No. 5118/NIC-REG concluded with joint-stock company "Regional Network Information Center" (RCITs, JSC) and the status of a trusted partner and a regional representative of Регистрация доменов (RU-Center), as well as under Partnership Contract No. 2141 concluded with Regtime, LLC and under partnership contract No. 30150 concluded with REG.RU Domain Name Registrar, LLC.

Please, while registering indicate only full and correct registration data.

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International and Foreign

World Domains

Zone Registration, rub. Extension,rub. Period of registration, years
.рфIDN 390 390 1
.ru 390 390 1
.comIDN 850 1150 1-10
.orgIDN 950 1150 1-10
.biz 950 1250 1-10
.me 950 1490 1-10
.pro 1000 1250 1
.photo 2900 2900 1-10
.pw 650 650
.suIDN 590 750 1
.msk.ru 490 490 1
.netIDN 850 1150 1-10
.info 900 1150 1-10
.nameIDN 1450 1450 1-10


Useful information

  • Our hosting's customers can get a domain in the .RU, .РФ zone or a geo-domain for free!
  • Cyrillic domain names (Internationalized Domain Name) are the domains in a national language, for example, вашдомен.com in the zones .SU, .COM, .NET, .CC, .TV, .NAME, etc. The registration prices for a Cyrrilic domain is the same as those stated above.
  • .TEL domain is a visiting card in the Internet, which does not require any additional epenses connected with hosting and website development.
  • More information about the domain name can be found on our website.
  • If you do not find the required domain zone, please, apply to the Marketing Department.
  • You can receive paid consultations on the issues connected with domains.
  • Those customers whose domains are managed by KOMTET, including legal entities, can receive DNS hosting services under the tariff plan "DNS Free" for free.