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Zope/Plone hosting

For beginning and professional developers in the Phone content management system, from small Internet projects to large portals requiring a flexible system of setting publications.

Comparison of tariff plans

Virtual hosting

Mail hosting

CMS hosting

Zope/Plone hosting

DNS hosting

Zope/Plone Optima

Zope/Plone Profi

Order the tariff plan Order Order
Tariff plan connection free free
Number of domains 5 10
Maximum number of subdomains unlimited unlimited
Subdomain management Check Check
Maximum number of domain alias names
Disk space 1024 Mb 3072 Mb
Increase of the disk quota by 100 Mb, rub./month 35
Increase of the disk quota by 1GB, rub./month 200
Traffic unlimited unlimited
Dedicated Zope server, selection of the Zope and Plone versions
Check Check
Several instances of Zope and ZEO Cluster
Processor load unlimited unlimited
Memory limitations up to 1 Gb up to 1 Gb
SSH access to the server console using the login/password of the FTP user account, SFTP access, SVN client Check Check
Installation of products at a request Check Check
FTP access Check Check
Backup to the FTP storage Check Check
DNS zone management Check Check


Additional parameters

Price per month, rubles 

Zope/Plone Optima

Zope/Plone Profi

In case of payment for 1 month 660 1100

In case of payment for 3 months or more (5% discount)

627 1045

In case of payment for 6 months or more (10% discount)

594 990

In case of payment for 1 year (20% discount)

528 880

Price for the period, rubles



Order the tariff plan Order Order

Zope/Plone Optima

Zope/Plone Profi

For all the Zope/Plone hosting tariff plans

  • Our hosting's technical stuff will ensure installation, the required initial setting and round-the-clock support for Plone and Zope;
  • Personalized messages about Web server errors;
  • Installation of passwords for directories (.htaccess);
  • FTP access;
  • PPA control panel;
  • File editing through Web (in the Control Panel);
  • Data is backed up daily to a separate file storage, with storage term of not less than 7 days;
  • Processor load is not limited;
  • Creation of mail boxes in the own domain, with controllable user configurations of spam protection, antivirus and other enhanced capabilities;
  • Access to the mail through POP3, SMTP, IMAP (including secure SSL channels);
  • Mail management through the web interface;
  • The provided disk space is distributed by the Customer at its own discretion (scripts, databases, mail, etc.);
  • SVN client (if there is SSH).

Zope hosting

Tariff plans "Zope/Plone Optima" and "Zope/Plone Profi" are designed for any CMS using Zope application server, such as Silva and other products.

Within the tariff plan "Zope/Plone Profi" several instances are installed, and ZEO Cluster is organized by the hosting's stuff in accordance with the additional service.

You may register your Plone site on plone.org (a page of Komtet hosting provider on plone.org).